Imagine a love so strong that saying hello and goodbye at the same time was worth the sorrow.

October 2, 2011

My Mr. Kolton

I miss you so very much. I can't believe that you will be turning one next month! It just seems so surreal to me because I feel like it was just yesterday that we held you in our arms and kissed your sweet beautiful face.
I love you so much and my arms ache for you, my sweet babyboy.
We've been trying to plan for your 1 year birthday party but I've ran into one brick wall after another. You know your mommy has to google EVERYTHING. We wanted to do a HUGE 365 balloon release in your honor for your birthday. Can you imagine just a rainbow of balloons in the sky =) and so I googled about balloon releases and saw how they are bad for animals and I knew that you wouldn't want to hurt any animals. So, I googled your auntie's idea of Sky Lanterns and found that they are also bad for animals if it's the wire sky lanterns. I know you wouldn't want that either. I shouldn't even be telling you these things because it should be a surprise!!! But, you know your mommy can't keep surprises very well. *lol*
I hope that we can come up with something truly amazing for a very amazing little boy <3 Everything will work out just as it should. Send me some ideas sweetie. <3
I love you so much more than words could ever say. You are my sunshine.
Love always,
Your Mommy


  1. What about a butterfly release? Don't know if it's possible this time of yr or not.

  2. I feel like i know you Kolton your mommy always talks about u:)you are so loved<3 lots of hugs and kisses:) Karrie

  3. What about blowing tons and tons of bubbles for him? I bet he would love that. :-)